#NoShame in Mental Illness: A Reading List

Mental illness has been misdiagnosed . Patients have B12 deficiency and pernicious anemia . Patients who had sickle cell anaemia were also misdiagnosed with mental illnesses . A deficiency of B12 can cause symptoms which present as psychosis , bi polar , depression , schizophrenia and even personality disorder . Patients presenting as having mental illness should be given active B12 ( methylcobalamin ) and not cyanocobalamin or hydroxycobalamin which are inactive forms . If the patient has an inborn error of metabolism , they will not be able to convert inactive forms of b12 . Read Annals of Long Term care / Evolutionary psychiatry- Emily deans / Psychiatric manifestations of Vitamin B12 deficiency : an update Metzler MS / Psychiatric presentations of vitamin B12 deficiency – J Indian Med Assoc – Bhat . AS , Srinivasan.K , Kurpad SS , Galgali RB


Even though I’ve lived with mental illness for years, I’m still learning about self-care, support systems and valuable resources. One of these resources is No Shame Day, initiated by poet and mental health advocate Bassey Ikpi. Ikpi founded The Siwe Project, which provides special mental health support for the Black community and other minority groups. On the first Monday in July, people take to social media and use the hashtag #NoShame to talk about living with mental illness and overcoming stigma and silence. Here, I’ve collected several stories about mental illness, many written by writers of color.

1. “Disrupting Domesticity: Mental Illness and Love as a Fact.” (Ashley C. Ford, The Toast, July 2015)

Ashley C. Ford interviews her partner, Kelly, about living with a person with mental illness–how to love her better, comfort her during panic attacks and hold her accountable. Kelly’s love for Ashley is so strong: “I love…

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