#NoShame in Mental Illness: A Reading List

Mental illness has been misdiagnosed . Patients have B12 deficiency and pernicious anemia . Patients who had sickle cell anaemia were also misdiagnosed with mental illnesses . A deficiency of B12 can cause symptoms which present as psychosis , bi polar , depression , schizophrenia and even personality disorder . Patients presenting as having mental illness should be given active B12 ( methylcobalamin ) and not cyanocobalamin or hydroxycobalamin which are inactive forms . If the patient has an inborn error of metabolism , they will not be able to convert inactive forms of b12 . Read Annals of Long Term care / Evolutionary psychiatry- Emily deans / Psychiatric manifestations of Vitamin B12 deficiency : an update Metzler MS / Psychiatric presentations of vitamin B12 deficiency – J Indian Med Assoc – Bhat . AS , Srinivasan.K , Kurpad SS , Galgali RB


Even though I’ve lived with mental illness for years, I’m still learning about self-care, support systems and valuable resources. One of these resources is No Shame Day, initiated by poet and mental health advocate Bassey Ikpi. Ikpi founded The Siwe Project, which provides special mental health support for the Black community and other minority groups. On the first Monday in July, people take to social media and use the hashtag #NoShame to talk about living with mental illness and overcoming stigma and silence. Here, I’ve collected several stories about mental illness, many written by writers of color.

1. “Disrupting Domesticity: Mental Illness and Love as a Fact.” (Ashley C. Ford, The Toast, July 2015)

Ashley C. Ford interviews her partner, Kelly, about living with a person with mental illness–how to love her better, comfort her during panic attacks and hold her accountable. Kelly’s love for Ashley is so strong: “I love…

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Why are patients dying in hospitals ? Why have 100,000 children been taken from loving parents? Why did Harold Shipman kill so many patients? Why are so many children being sexually abused? What happened at Rotherham ? Why is a nurse serving 30 years in jail and being accused of being a serial killer after the deaths of a group of women ? Why are gestapo style social workers being sent to bully patients , their children and families? Why are children being held hostage by social services and why are so many dying in hospitals ? Why did a mother alledgedly kill her twin babies who both had spinal atrophy? Why have doctors been offered £69 per patient to diagnose dementia in patients ? Why are patients being misdiagnosed with dementia ,MS , autism , asthma,obesity, malnutrition , mental illnesses and more besides? Why did HRH Prince Charles say that most illnesses can be fixed with a simple vitamin and when he becomes King , he will do things differently and take a more holistic approach to medicine , pay more attention to food growing and farming and nature? Why have so many people got food intolerances , tingling fingers , anaemias , cancers , blurred vision ? Why is it that 3 members of the same family get diagnosed with Huntingtons and yet the other with pernicious anaemia ? What is von willebrands and haemophiia really? Why are so many teenagers being diagnosed with leukaemia ? Why are doctors collapsing the economy and holding children to ransom using child protection courts? Why are A+E`s collapsing under the pressure of patients who cannot get the care they need from their GP`s and are desparately going to A+E`s for help with the symptoms of anaemia? Why is the government pretending that there is not enough doctors? Why did the Nazi`s say that the Jewish people and the other groups they killed and experimented on were “weak and unhealthy ” ? What does George Osborne mean by “my final solution”? . Why did David Cameron tell doctors to “section” people who get in the way of his and Osbornes `plan` ? Why did Chris Grayling go into the BBC to sort out the Jimmy Saville enquiry , then join the justice department , take away legal aid for children and give it to “people who have been having trouble working with or around children” ?. Why has Lord Lamings child protection report had the exact opposite effect of protecting children ?Why would someone be in charge of Broadmore and at the same time be in charge of “child protection ” ? What was really wrong with Ashya King ? Why do so many of the medicines regularly dished out by doctors lower B12 levels in their patients ? What happens to people who have been left deficient if Ebola arrives ? Why do some people survive Ebola and others perish ? Why do some drunk people become violent suddenly?

It is all because of a vitamin with a large molecular structure that many people find difficult to absorb . Cobalamin known commonly as vitamin B12 is found in the soil around us . We eat our vegetables after they have been cleaned and we microwave the food . We need an enzyme in raw food to help it absorb .We need it to switch off cancer cells . Without it we die . It is cheap , non toxic and won`t cause harm if we overdose . The problem is that it is useless as a supplement and due to it`s large molecule , we need to inject it into our muscle or fatty tissues . Many people cannot absorb it very well due to intrinsic factor levels . Many Northern European people have a mutation on their gene which prevents them from absorbing it . Left untreated , it causes neurological damage , exposes our bodies to cancers ,infections and damages our myelin composition which leads to MS . It can cause people to behave violently or have personality changes . Many things lower our levels , alcohol being one of them . Nitrous oxide switches off B12 synthesis , sometimes permanently .

One of the effects on children is that it can lead them to dislplay innapropriate sexual conduct behaviours leading them to engage in sexual relationships with adults way beyond their years leaving them vulnerable to sexual preditors. The children at Rotherham were left with B12 deficiencies , they were swooped on by sinister social workers ,had interim care orders put on them and were taken into care where they were then ferried round in taxis , doused in petrol and raped  over decades . Children have no rights to Legal Aid which has allowed professionals to abuse them with impunity .

Ebola and B12 deficiencies and pernicious anaemia has something in common . they both have a haeemorragic effect on the blood .Pernicious anaemia was known as the runny blood disease . Ebola has patients bleeding out which is something I have not seen in the Ebola cases in Africa . Is the Ebola crisis really a B12 crisis caused by solar maxima ?  Nutrinos can turn into microwaves . Is the reason that some Africans may have the symptoms of anaemia which could be relative to B12 because 60,000 years ago people moved out of East Africa and started moving North . Over thousands of years their DNA picked up mutations as they moved North, possibly due to environment and iron deficiency which if long term can alter the composition of DNA . They may have met the ice age and started moving South again eventually taking the gene mutation back with them . Are people with low B12 likely to die if Ebola comes here . Could this be the solution he and George Osborne have for the people of their own country ? Are they Nazi`s?

Give patients methylcobalamin and stop conning them

Too many babies have been born using estimated delivery dates which are not accurate . Their mothers have been given nitrous oxide which switches off their B12 synthesis and they end up being used like lab rats in children`s hospitals because their prematurity issues were not identified at birth and they received no vitamins . They then go on to have all the symptoms of anaemia of prematurity , juvenile pernicious anaemia and B12 deficiencies which are not identified , diagnosed or treated . They become neurologically damaged , have early puberty and are then harvested for sexual abuse using ” child protection ” courts . How many children have been taken into care by this insidious and sinister group and find themselves being beaten and raped . Everyone who signed up to  Lord Laming`s  ” child protection ” report should be arrested including Andy Burnham , members of the BBC and Ed Balls to name but a few . How many children have cancer because of a failure to diagnose and treat B12 deficiencies ? How many will go on to have MS ? How many have committed suicide or died ? How many will go on to have dementia?

A recent tragic news story involved a mother who had ” allegedly ” killed her twin babies who both had spinal atrophy . She was hounded , bullied and threatened by ” child protection” B12 Gestapo SS and was reported to have said that she could see no future for her babies . Spinal atrophy is a symptom of severe B12 deficiency , no doubt caused by the nitrous oxide gas her mother was probably given at birth and is treatable using injected methylcobalamin . The NHS doctors use hydroxycobalamin B12 which is inactive . Methylcobalamin costs between 60p and 80p per dose and is non toxic .

Harold Shipman murdered hundreds of patients who he had very likely not diagnosed with pernicious anaemia or B12 deficiencies . A nurse has served thirty years in jail and has been branded a serial killer due to the deaths of five women in his care . There is a strong connection between low B12 levels , nitrous oxide gas and insulin levels which cause fatality . It is not the nurse who should be serving thirty years .

Ashya King had all the symptoms of B12 deficiency . He had a brain tumor , was staring into space whilst being unresponsive , had yellow skin tone and could not swallow . Pernicious anaemia makes patients vulnerable to stomach cancer . When our body detects cancer , it tries to rid itself of iron to prevent the cancer from growing . That poor little boy was being drip fed iron straight into his stomach . How utterly disgusting .

It is astonishing that so many children have been sexually abused in this country whilst in care over decade upon decade . Unfortunately , this abuse has been perpetrated by doctors . It seems that everyone else has taken the blame including the parents who have been accused of child abuse due to the unusual bruising their children get from B12 deficiency , normal social workers who are convinced that the parents are not to blame and so when children die are then blamed for not preventing it . There are the police , who are prevented from reporting and investigating and are then blamed and the nursing staff who have been accused of being murderers . The only people who have never taken any blame are doctors .

Mr Burnham states that there are an unusual number of deaths due to shortages of nursing staff . Well thousands upon thousands of people would not agree with this nonsense . They are dying needlessly due to undiagnosed and untreated B12 deficiencies . Nurses have been telling doctors that they are leaving patients to suffer needlessly with symptoms of B12 deficiency for years but have been completely ignored . Why ? To allow the paedophile ring to continue of course . That is what is being protected above all else by doctors working in the NHS . That is why whistleblowers are not tollerated . That is why some doctors who the public have trusted for too long will kill anyone they want with impunity to protect . Nurses and doctors have gone on whistleblowing websites saying that they want to commit suicide because of what is happening to children and patients .

There have been many forced adoptions of children over many decades . There was the Magdeleine Laundries for instance where the bodies of children were dug up revealing that they had broken bones , a symptom of B12 deficiency / pernicious anaemia  or of course it could also mean that they had been beaten . There are the Catholic Children`s Homes where priests would sexually abuse the children and the nuns would help them . There are also the Social Services children`s homes where politicians would drop in to sexually abuse the children . There are stories from people who had been sexually abused after being sent to Australia . We now have ” child protection” courts and forced adoptions happening again .How many of the children who have been abducted by these courts have ended up being taken round in taxis by social service employees given over to men who have doused them in petrol , beat them and abused them ? How many children of twelve have now reported being taken away by ” child protection” courts and found themselves in hotel rooms being beaten and raped by older men ? This is the ” historical abuse ” scandal for the future . This is why the sexual abuse scandals are always dealt with historically so that the situation can carry on regardless . If this is not addressed , the NHS is dead . So very many people do not trust their doctor or the NHS and with good reason .

Good and true doctors must feel despair over this . They have been made to feel that they owe more loyalty to other doctors than to the safety of patients , children in particular , or even to their own soul . I salute those who have had the courage to come forward and put doing what is right before protection of a paedophile ring which has thrived for too long .